Cloud : Comment moderniser et transformer vos applications ?

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Cloud : Comment moderniser et transformer vos applications ?

Transform your applications The movement towards the public cloud is spreading, based on the promise of simplified management of data centers and rapid and inexpensive access to innovations carried by these platforms (AI, blockchain, etc.). However, the scale and speed of this movement are being held back by the ability of companies to transform their application heritage. This step is however necessary both to overcome a technological barrier but above all to achieve maintenance and operating costs well below current levels. Remove the barriers of application transformation The barriers that block application transformation are numerous: the size of the application portfolio, the proprietary technologies of the Mainframe and the lack of internal resources being the most frequent. Depending on your business strategy, Fujitsu helps you assess the business value of each application as well as collect the technologies used to define the best trajectory. Support through Fujitsu's methods, tools and teams allows you to reduce the risk and accelerate the modernization of your application heritage and to project yourself into an ecosystem that allows you to realize the promises of the public Cloud.

  • Agenda:
  • How to classify your applications and deduce the best trajectory from them?
  • What are the methods, tools and Fujitsu teams to support you including from Mainframe environments?
  • How to ensure the rapid implementation of a secure public cloud environment?

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